Drinking Monday's Faerunian Vacation


Got me a Smurf

Man, gremlins are the WORST.
In which the heroes escort contraband through an underground maze

Finishing up last adventure:
Dropping the lift on Balfour’s body, whoops
Smashing open the trapped barrel by accident
Retrieving everything and getting paid

Heading into Almraiven
Belviq requests a truffle
Meeting Malcolm and Wren
Malina drops off the party and cargo
Sneaking past a wyvern
Trap in the caverns avoided
Gremlins spotted
Xavros casting light on everything, including Pug
Battling a scorpion as the gremlins chitter – Mitzy makes the kill
Trapped hole – Mitzy falls
Mitzy clears out the debris in the hole
Mitzy and Pug attempt to lift everything through the hole and drop things on Mitzy’s face a couple times, also drop Mitzy… Pug’s got butterfingers tonight
Collecting the truffle for Belviq
Battling the ants as the gremlins watch
Mitzy and Ella clean UP
Xavros kills a gremlin with a crossbow bolt
Pug whips a gremlin in the face
Disarm another trap and get out!
Malcolm may have more work for them in Almraiven

Battling Mr. Hyde
In which the heroes take down an insane alchemist drug lord

Rigging battle
Bombs in the face
Maki’s flying leap attack
Pug climbing the rigging
Dogen introduced and promptly injured to the brink of death
Maki gets to dying – twice
Xavros saves everyone’s lives
Balfour falls out of the rigging and down the elevator shaft

To Catch a Thief
In which the heroes track down Malina's missing cargo

Pug and Xavros playing good cop/bad cop

Pirate battle!
In which the heroes give Jezzine whatfer

Will write this up soon.

Prison breakout!
In which Xavros takes one for the team

In which Xavros takes one for the team…

After the calamitous battle in the brig, the heroes were left wounded and manacled. Things seemed to improve a bit when the fireballing pirate woman – Jezzine – brought a medic down to heal them all. Introducing himself as Morick, the old man tenderly healed them all. He then brought them into the back room, though, and his demeanor changed. Morick asked the heroes to give one of themselves up for punishment, as Jezzine was very angry with the group for trying to escape and wanted one of them to take the heat. Morick used his skills as a surgeon not to heal the heroes, but to torture them, asking them all the while which of them would take responsibility. The heroes withstood his torture and refused to give anyone up, blaming Jezzine for the disastrous battle. But Xavros sacrificed himself for the rest of the group, and said he would take responsibility. He lost a finger, but spared the heroes further torment.

Meanwhile, above deck, the rogue elf, Shard, peered out from beneath a lifeboat. She had been hiding there for the previous day, having stowed away on board the ship to try to steal some magical gear that the pirates had stolen from some merchants, which she heard was deep below deck. Shard snuck by the pirates and crept down the staircase, snatching some pirate clothes to disguise herself and distracting the pirates by setting off a live firework in their quarters. She made her way down to the brig, and helped trap the pirate guards in the cage with the prisoners, where Xavros crippled them with the unorthodox but effective method of kicking them each in the groin. The manacled heroes worked together to pull their chains out of the wall, and Shard helped pick the locks on their manacles until everyone was free – though not before getting the heroes to promise their allegiance and more importantly, gold to her. In the back room, she found a crate, marked with the insignia of the merchant company the pirates had raided – “Thurgood Specialty Magical Goods”. The crate contained a strange dark metal which seemed to absorb all the light around it, which Mitzy identified as raw Umbrite. Mitzy was also reunited with her attack rabbit, Elephant. Shard then loaded up her bag with as much Umbrite as poor Mitzy could carry.

The heroes heard another pirate coming down the stairs, and planned an ambush for the unsuspecting young guard, which went off without a hitch. Injured and terrorized by Pug, the young guard gave them all the information they needed about how to escape the ship. The heroes disguised both Xavros and Phi as pirates as well, to aid in their escape. Shard almost got them all caught when she introduced herself as “Bob, the new cook” to one of the pirates, but the silver-tongued Xavros was able to smooth things over, avoiding raising the alarm with the pirates again.

At this point, the heroes heard a great commotion taking place above deck, and, peering out a porthole, saw another ship approaching theirs, led by a red-haired young woman with a rapier in hand. The pirate ship was being boarded. While the main body of pirates was distracted, the heroes dispatched of the small number of pirates sleeping in their quarters, and then raided Jezzine’s room, where they were reacquainted with their stolen possessions. Above deck, a battle awaited them, and they prepared themselves accordingly – the next time they faced the pirates, it would be with sword in hand.

Captured by pirates!
In which the heroes punch out a small child

In which the heroes punch out a small child…

The heroes awoke, tied up and groggy, on the deck of a large pirate ship, completely surrounded by pirates. They had last been on a barge traveling up the river by Daggerford, when their barge was set upon on all sides by pirates, and they and the other barge passengers were taken prisoner. Watched over by their captain, a man with gold teeth and a very long beard, and another female pirate with a red bandana, the pirates first divided up their prisoners into two groups: those who could be ransomed off – and sadly our heroes were not convincing enough to join this more fortunate group – and those who would be sold to slavers. Stripped of their weapons and other belongings, they were all taken a few floors below decks to the brig, and were locked in a large cell, guarded by a filthy and slightly inebriated pirate named Grift. Grift mocked the prisoners and talked of how the heroes would be their entertainment that evening, which did not sound good.

What Grift and the pirates didn’t know was that the heroes could easily loose their bonds, as Maki deftly bit through the ropes holding them. The heroes also freed 3 other prisoners – the two twins, Demmy and Senne, and an old elf named Pellavan, all of whom looked like they could hold their own in a fight. Xavros used magic to deceive Grift into thinking that the pirate with the bandana ordered him to bring up one of the orcs, and got Grift into the cell with them. But Grift noticed that their bonds were cut and yelled for backup before the heroes could subdue him. Grift then took a young boy prisoner hostage, putting his scimitar against the boy’s throat and threatening what would happen if the heroes didn’t give up. The heroes were unimpressed, and attacked Grift anyway. Unfortunately for the child, their aim was not so great, and Phi and Mitzy clobbered the poor boy unconscious!

While Pellavan attempted to heal the child, the heroes went up against Grift and knocked him out, taking his weapon for themselves. Although the powerhouse Pug was finally armed, they were then up against more pirate guards, and more after that. Pug held the door of the cell, bashing any guards who came near it, but the heroes were still mostly unarmed and looking worse for the wear. They managed to slay 3 pirate guards before the lady with the red bandana came down the stairs. Seeing what was up, and not liking it one bit, the lady fireballed the heroes – and the rest of the prisoners – and told them to drop their arms or they’d all be killed. The heroes did so, and although Phi came close to death, she was healed in time. With half of the other prisoners dead, including the child they had beaten, the heroes were now clapped in irons and locked up – this time watched by more competent guards than Grift, who surprisingly survived the ordeal. But if the heroes’ situation looked grim, they could at least take solace in the fact that Grift’s future didn’t look so bright either.

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