Drinking Monday's Faerunian Vacation

Man, gremlins are the WORST.

In which the heroes escort contraband through an underground maze

Finishing up last adventure:
Dropping the lift on Balfour’s body, whoops
Smashing open the trapped barrel by accident
Retrieving everything and getting paid

Heading into Almraiven
Belviq requests a truffle
Meeting Malcolm and Wren
Malina drops off the party and cargo
Sneaking past a wyvern
Trap in the caverns avoided
Gremlins spotted
Xavros casting light on everything, including Pug
Battling a scorpion as the gremlins chitter – Mitzy makes the kill
Trapped hole – Mitzy falls
Mitzy clears out the debris in the hole
Mitzy and Pug attempt to lift everything through the hole and drop things on Mitzy’s face a couple times, also drop Mitzy… Pug’s got butterfingers tonight
Collecting the truffle for Belviq
Battling the ants as the gremlins watch
Mitzy and Ella clean UP
Xavros kills a gremlin with a crossbow bolt
Pug whips a gremlin in the face
Disarm another trap and get out!
Malcolm may have more work for them in Almraiven


1 large scorpion
2 giant worker ants
2 traps successfully avoided
1 pit trap fell through but got the cargo through

Man, gremlins are the WORST.

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